World Hydrography Day

World Hydrography Day

The 21st of June is World Hydrography Day. The International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) established this day as an annual commemoration of hydrographers’ efforts and the importance of hydrography. It also raises awareness about the importance of safe navigation and the preservation of marine life.

Who set the tone for the day?

The International Hydrographic Organization, based in Monaco, has declared World Hydrography Day (IHO).

What is Hydrography, and how does it work?

Hydrography is the study of the physical characteristics of the navigable portion of the Earth’s surface and adjacent coastal areas. Hydrography plays a significant part in the proper operation of society. Every year, more than a billion metric tons of cargo pass through ports.

Hydrography aids in the safe, efficient, and environmentally sound operation of a nation’s marine transportation system. Hydrography is a fundamental component of all ocean-related activities, including economic development, defense, research, and environmental preservation. 

What is the significance of World Hydrography Day?

In 2005, the United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution A/60/30, officially recognizing World Hydrography Day, a project of the International Hydrographic Organization.

This day honors the efforts of hydrographers, who contribute significantly to the safety of every nation’s rivers while also helping to build the economy by supplying reliable information.

What is Hydrography’s Purpose?

Hydrography is a branch of applied sciences concerned with measuring and describing the physical characteristics of water bodies. Oceans, seas, coastal areas, and freshwater bodies like lakes and rivers are examples.

Hydrographic surveyors look at bodies of water to figure out what the sea’s “bottom” looks like. The research aids in predicting how they will alter over time. These lessons are beneficial for improving maritime safety and supporting all other marine activities.

The marine environment is always changing, whether as a result of climate change or the natural movement of tides and currents—hydrography aids in keeping track of such changes and adapting to their effects.

For example, in the case of ships, an extra 30cm of depth on a chart indicates that it can carry at least 2000 more tons of cargo. Having a thorough understanding of the marine environment can provide significant economic benefits.

The Importance of World Hydrography Day

To offer the IHO international recognition and encourage all governments to work with the IHO to promote safe navigation and marine life preservation. To conserve the marine environment and promote safe worldwide navigation, all international countries and institutions collaborate.

Every year, World Hydrography Day is commemorated to highlight the importance of hydrography and the contributions of hydrographers. It also raises awareness about the importance of safe navigation and the preservation of marine life. the world

The theme for Hydrography Day

The theme of this year’s World Hydrography Day is “Hydrography – Enabling Autonomous Technology,” which highlights the importance of hydrography in autonomous technologies.

The goal of World Hydrography Day is to raise awareness about the importance of water in our lives.

To raise awareness of the IHO’s work on an international level and encourage all countries to collaborate with the IHO to promote safe navigation and marine life preservation.

Over the years, there has been made a strong connection between Hydrography and technology, as it has been said that both together can actually bring out the best. Basically, this day is for the people who work on the sea, who have a living through the sea.

Just like how there are multiple land rules, there are also varied sea rules which have been kept in place, to make people aware and also protect the well-being of the people who travel through the sea ever.

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