World Population Day

World Population Day

The United Nations Development Programme’s Governing Council founded World Population Day in 1989 due to the attention produced by the Day of Five Billion, which was marked on July 11, 1987.

By this time, it is vital to raise public knowledge about population issues and their effects on development and the environment. Population of the entire globe has been increasing at a massive speed, which is a very negative sign.

People in today’s time are not realising that the resources which the Earth provides are very limited with us, but with the increased population, and limited resources, we are left with ultimate shortage.

Hence, the commencement of world population day, is important so that people realise the importance of saving the environmental resources in the best way possible.

By resolution 45/216 of December 1990, the United Nations General Assembly decided to keep marking World Population Day, which increases awareness of population issues such as their relationship to the environment and development. The day was originally observed on July 11, 1990, in over 90 nations.

Since then, several UNFPA country offices and other organizations and institutions have observed World Population Day in collaboration with governments and civil society.

What significance does World Population Day have?

The primary goal of this campaign is to raise public awareness about reproductive health issues. Because a substantial proportion of pregnant women suffer from poor reproductive health, this is the case.

According to studies, 800 women die every day as a result of childbirth. As a result, the primary goal and significance of this day are to educate more people about improving their reproductive health and the need for family planning.

World Population Day is a day dedicated to raising awareness about population concerns and encouraging people to learn more about them. Family planning, human rights, the right to health, the health of the baby, gender equality, child marriage, the use of contraception, sex education, and knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases are all examples of population issues.

Between the ages of 15 and 19, sexuality-related issues must be addressed. This is because 15 million pregnancies occur in women of this age bracket globally. 4 million of these pregnancies terminate in abortion as a result of a pregnancy complication or other reproductive health difficulties.

Take a look at some of the World Population Day’s many goals:

  1. The purpose of this day is to empower both young boys and females.
  2. Educating them on practical and youth-friendly methods for preventing unplanned pregnancies at a young age.
  3. Ensuring that both girls and boys have access to primary education.
  4. Educating people to eliminate gender stereotypes in society.
  5. Providing information about sexually transmitted illnesses and how to avoid them.
  6. Ensuring that every couple has simple access to reproductive health care services.
  7. Demanding special legislation to protect a girl child’s rights.
  8. To provide information about sexuality and to continue delaying weddings until one is prepared to comprehend the responsibilities that come with it.


It is an international event in which numerous countries and organizations join to raise awareness about key issues concerning the world’s people. Seminars, discussions, educational sessions, public contests, slogans, workshops, debates, and songs are among the activities planned on this day.

Not only that, but TV stations, news stations, and radio stations all aired programming about population and the need for family planning.

Every year on July 11th, the World Population Day is held worldwide to call public attention to the importance of population issues and the need to address them.

As seen above, there are multiple population issues going on, and high time that people realise the importance of this agenda and take immediate actions. Governments of all the countries are trying their level best to help people feel the importance of this topic and take immediate actions post this. This is the reason why population day is celebrated.

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