World Telecommunication Day

World Telecommunication Day

Telecommunication is one of the most important aspects which has bought many nations together, especially during this covid-19 situation. It has helped solve the problems and provide more and more information regarding the world’s current circumstances and ways to improvise and vaccines. The small has proved the importance of communication in today’s world.

World telecommunication day is marked and celebrated on the 17th of May. It was recognized in the year of 1969.

The Importance of World Telecommunication Day

Telecommunication has not only looked after one safety but also helps to look after the economic factors. Accelerating Digital Transformation has helped one perform various home activities such as banking facilities, shopping, customization, customer services, etc.

Digital platforms have made it easier to keep in touch with family and friends. It also has made a greater impact on socialization all over the world. Telecommunication has made the world a more friendly place.

The main purpose of celebrating world telecommunication day is to create awareness regarding possibilities that the use of the internet can get.

Telecommunication Big Boon

During the recent timing’s telecommunication has been proved to be a boon to all the factors. Telecommunication has helped health factors a lot, especially to fulfill the scarcity of required services in the required area. It has also helped in sharing personal experiences and ways to overcome them. It has also helped many small and medium scale industries from shattering.

This situation has highlighted the underpinned importance of digital interconnectivity. It has also proven to be fruitful to diminish the negative socio-economic effects. It has helped people to adopt new normal routines.

Many applications and global patterns have been observed that had encouraged research communities to find and come out with better outcomes to face the challenge. Empowered by research, images, videos, short clips, graphical diagrams can be used to understand better.

The use of communication was only for the telephone to communicate the people who are at a distance. The evolving years have completely changed the picture of it. Internet works are now built from physical forms to electrical forms, which considered routing data, transferring data, ensuring end to end.

From the protection point of view, one of the crucial infrastructures is telecommunication. The initiative of any natural disaster occurs to fulfil military need telecommunication has been proven to be a wide spectrum of institutions the depend on telecom to provide the safety. Because of which the procurement of necessary services in the desired location is possible. This has always been proved to contribute to the economic development of society.

Purpose Behind the Celebration of World Telecommunication Day

With so much happening around, one of the best things which could happen to mankind was the emergence of the internet. It is due to the internet today that there is so much globalization that has taken place. Due to the internet which led to telecommunication, countries have managed to bridge gap between the economies and overall diversity.

Currently, the overall focus of celebrating telecommunication day has been to lay the importance of transforming to digital platforms. Digitization is really important and surely not only any company but no country can sleep over it. There is a massive role of information and data which plays in our everyday lives, and we must understand how to make the maximum use of this data.

The day is celebrating with the primary of hope to raise the importance of internet and how communication plays a huge role in our lives. When people start understanding the importance of communication and technology, the world will become a more integrated and social place to be it, with far more amenities which are there today. Hence, due to these reasons specified above, the world telecommunication day gets celebrated.

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