YSR Pension Kanuka

YSR Kanuka pension scheme

YSR Kanuka Pension Scheme has been distributed across the State on Tuesday morning when 2,68 volunteers throughout the State go door-to-door and distribute pensions directly to the recipients. Roughly 16 lakh citizens earned pensions before 8 am, so 26% of the total beneficiaries received pensions.

CM Jagan Mohan Reddy, head of Andhra Pradesh, has launched a state-wide doorway program that provides pensioners with a range of welfare pensions. The state administration said it took the initiative to end old people’s battle for “YSR Pension Kanuk,” which is difficult to attend.

All applicants eligible to apply online, then download the official notice and carefully read all eligibility requirements and the application process. Short details on ‘YSR Kanuka Pension 2020’ will be given, such as scheme benefits, eligibility requirements, main scheme features, application status, the application process, and more.

Online Application: YSR Kanuka pension scheme

Request for Kanuka 2020 online Pension YSR

Phase 1- Search YSR Pension Kanuka’s official website, i.e., https://sspensions.ap.gov.in/.

Phase 2 – Read the eligibility requirements for a program and carefully read all detail.

Phase 3 – Download the request form and fill it in.

Phase 4- To submit a request form, visit the Panchayat / Ward office.

Check YSR Pension Kanuka Status of Retirement Online

Phase 1 – Visit YSR Pension Kanuka’s official website, i.e., https://sspensions.ap.gov.in/.

Phase 2 – Click on the option “Search.”

Phase 3- Next, “Pension ID” or “Grievance ID” must be provided

Phase 4 – Include the details and click on “Go” to see your application status

Criteria for qualifying

  • The Government has changed the eligibility requirements to extend Social Security Pensions:
  • In rural areas and urban areas, total family revenues should be lower than Rs 10,000 a month and Rs 12,000 /- a month.
  • The family’s overall land holdings should be less than 3 acres of wetland or 10 acres of dry soil, or 10 acres of dry and wet soil.
  • Less than 300 units should be used per month for electricity.
  • No family member shall be an employee or pensioner of the Government
  • Four-wheelers should not be owned by the family (Taxi, Auto, Tractors Exempted)
  • There must be no family member paying income tax.
  • A family in urban areas with no land or a built-up area of fewer than 750 sq ft.

Significant advantages

  • YSR Pension Kanuka has been mainly developed for older adults, widows, disabled people, transgender people, and all economically backward candidates in Andhra Pradesh State. Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy initiated this program as part of the electoral manifesto.
  • For elders, widows, tappers, weavers, single-women, fishermen, persons of art (PLHIV), traditional cobblers, rs.2250/- per month • for persons from old age
  • Transgender and Dappu musicians – Rs. 3000/- a month for people with disabilities.
  • 10,000/- a month for persons affected by Chronic Kidney Disease.

Scheme’s main characteristics

The enhancement of pension amounts to RS 10,000/- both government and network hospitals per month for elderly citizens, marriages, Toddy Tappers, Weavers, single mothers, fishing workers, ART (PLHIV) individuals, cobblers to Rs.2250/-, disabled persons, transgender artists to Rs. 3,000/-.

The Enforcement of the YSR Kanuka Pension scheme is one of the best schemes introduced by the government, which will surely help various individuals out there. All one has to do it follow the steps as prescribed, and the eligible individuals will get the benefits.

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