Zaid Darbar

In addition to his work as a dancer and actor, Zaid Darbar is also well-known for his online persona. Zaid Darbar is estimated to be worth $1.6 million by the year 2021. The son of fabulous music director and musician Ismail Darbar is the husband of Gauahar Khan. He is well-known in the industry.

Birth and the First Years of Life

Darbar was born on October 24, 1995, in Mumbai as Zaid Abdullah Farooq Darbar.

Father: Ismail Darbar a well-known singer and music director
Birth Mother: Farzana Shaikh, is a homemaker

Step Mother: Ayesha Khan was the second wife of his father’s second marriage
Siblings: Awez Darbar, Anam Darbar, and Moonzarin Darbar are three of his siblings.

Zaid graduated from Mumbai after attending Savar Cantonment Public School for his primary and secondary education.

He had a lifelong fascination with dancing that he wanted to fulfil by becoming a professional like his father. On TikTok, he began making short comedic films that drew a lot of attention. It seems he enjoys being in the spotlight, as evidenced by that he posts clips from his movies to YouTube and Instagram on occasion.


Zaid Darbar is a handsome hunk with a muscular build and impressive body measurements. He’s very health-conscious, and he frequented the gym daily for extended periods. He’s a nice guy with a likeable demeanour. He’s 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 79 kilogrammes.


As you may be aware, actor Zaid Darbar, a well-known Indian dancer. He recently in 2020 got married to Gauhar Khan, a leading influencer and actor, also a previous Big Boss Winner.


Zaid got his start as a model, but he’s also worked as a TikTok content creator. His TikTok videos propelled him to stardom. Music videos for his songs such as Close Relation, Tum Mil Jao, and Tera Kya Hota were also shot with him in mind. Shut Relation and Tum Mil Jao were two of his many film roles. Together with his siblings, he runs the B You Academy, a dance studio. In addition, he’s a choreographer for the company.


  • Birth Place: Zaid Darbar was born and raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • Entrepreneurs: He also ran the Mumbai-based dance school ‘B You,’ where he taught alongside Awez Darbar and Anam.
  • Favourite Food: Zaid has an obsession with food that borders on the irrational. Both pizza and biryani are favourites of his.
  • Brother: Tik Tok star Avez Darbar, his brother, was a well-known figure. Zaid had a large following on Tik Tok as well.
  • Controversy: Farzana, Zaid’s mother, has expressed her approval of the relationship between her son and Gauhar. However, the age gap is said to be a source of irritation for her. As for Gauahar, she insists there is no age difference between her and her. She claims that despite Zaid being only three years her junior, she is far more mature than him.

Zaid Darbar, is now a very prominent celebrity on the net, who enjoys a huge fan following on the internet. There are plenty of brands which have been approaching him for endorsements.

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